Here is a list of known locations we have visited  .  Everyone has seen some of the
websites that list the many locations throughout California that have been deemed
haunted. Most of the listings have little to no information about the location and the
description usually starts with "some say...." or " it is said....", leaving one to wonder
where the information came from.  That's why it is always fun reading about the
experiences of others and the EVPs or pictures they were able to capture.  Since
it's their first-hand account, you can learn a little about the location and get a
better feel for what is there.  

So that's what we've done here.  A collection of locations that we have been to and
found either active , eerie, just not that scary to be at in the first place.  Of course
the opinions on here come from
our experiences only and not someone else's.  Some
people may have had a totally different experience in the same place.    In which
case, I hope the guestbook is working so you can write about what you know or
experienced first hand. Below you'll find locations that are local as well as some
from Arizona or Nevada.  Hope you enjoy reading our stuff as much as we have
enjoyed reading about the experiences of others.

Los Angeles Area
~~  Pasadena's Suicide Bridge  ~~
Workman Homestead Museum & Cemetery  ~~
Banning House  ~~
Pomona Cemetery  ~~
San Gabriel Mission  ~~
San Fernando Mission  ~~
Calvary Cemetery in East LA  ~~
Queen Mary  ~~
Aztec Hotel in Monrovia  ~~
Spadra Cemetery in Pomona  ~~
Pasadena's Enchanted Forest  ~~
Hollywood Forever Cemetery  ~~
Forest Lawn in Glendale  ~~
Linda Vista Hospital  ~~
Hanging Tree in Duarte ~~

Inland Empire Area
~~ Evergreen Cemetery ~~
Olivewood ~~
Calico Ghost Town ~~

Ventura Area
~~  Olivas Adobe  ~~
~~  Ventura City Hall  ~~
~~  La Purisima Mission  ~~

Northern California Area
~~  Alcatraz  ~~
~~  San Juan Bautista  ~~
~~ Fort Tejon ~~

San Diego Area
~~  Whaley House  ~~
~~  Casa de Bandini  ~~
~~  Campo Santo  ~~
~~  Julian  ~~

~~  Tombstone  ~~
~~  Bisbee  ~~

~~  Virginia City  ~~
~~  Gold Hill  ~~
* More to be listed with audio and pictures added soon
Website still under construction*
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